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The Running Clinic 

All things running from injury to improved performance 

The running clinic is based in Donore Harriers one of Irelands longest and most prestige clubs.

This unique service offers runners regardless of ability’s a one stop shop for improved running performance and the management of running related injuries.


Lee who leads the service aims to combine sports science/physiological testing, strength training, and physio-led rehabilitation for the overall complete run package. The program is suited to runners of all ability’s weather looking for 1-1 coaching or returning to running after a long-term injury.


The program works on a 3-monhtly basis with an initial testing appointment which provides the information for program design. The runner will receive a 3-month running plan based with physiological measures, running specific strength plan based on their individual physical competency test.

The 3-month program is 100.00 Euro including the testing appointment.

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